sizhfleür Custom Design


Check out Film Director, Renny Harlin with his Sizzlestrapz Custom Designed Briefcase

"Rockin' my Sizzlestrapz bag on set in China! The way to keep things organized on my movie shoots." - Film Director, Renny Harlin

Deen Castronovo with his Sizzlestrapz Bag Outfitted with Military Buckles

Deen Castronovo with the Rock band "Journey" with his new sizhfleür bag - The Container. Pic Courtesy
Way to go Deen!

In actor Stephen Lunsford's words for our design for a leather pouch for his production: 
"I'm in awe. "

"Nathan Drake's Belt Pack courtesy of "

MLB Player Virgil Vasquez with his Sizzlestrapz Custom bag

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